Controversy between Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg

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Since the revelations about the role of Facebook in the US election campaign for the presidential election, there has been a public discussion. At the end, very well-known personalities who otherwise would rather not make political statements took part in the event. Also Tim Cook.

To the classification: A company called Cambridge Analytica is probably founded especially for the purpose of voter manipulation some years ago. Even Donald Trump’s former advisor, Steve Bannon, has his fingers in the game. The analytics company uses apps to tap data from users through Facebook’s developer interface. On the basis of this, especially change voters were identified and addressed. The real “scandal” is that Facebook explicitly provided the company with significantly more data than ordinary Facebook developers received. Thus, Cambridge Analytica not only received data from app users, but also from their friends and acquaintances.

Tim Cook: The Child Has Fallen in the Well

Cook became under the China Development Forum interviewed on his opinion in the matter. The Apple boss was as usual diplomatic, but stressed: The child had already fallen into the well. The time was exceeded to not think about the regulation of social media.

The Apple boss was also asked what he would do in Mark Zuckerberg’s place. He gave the obvious answer: He would not be in this position. In this way, Cook once again emphasized that Apple drives a different business model, places a lot of emphasis on the privacy of its users. As early as 2015, Tim Cook emphasized that Apple’s business model is different from that of Google and Facebook by not grafting its users’ data.

Concepts like the differential privacy used in iOS and macOS are a clear indication of this. They anonymize data before they are used in algorithms for “artificial intelligence”. This is a deliberate decision of the company, which leads to the fact that one has a technological disadvantage compared to the competition. But you willingly accept that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Apple Products for the Rich Only

Of course, this statement was a godsend for journalists. Mark Zuckerberg was confronted with Cook’s statements in the Ezra Klein Show. The Facebook boss stressed that the problem is much more complex than presented in public and it will take years to fully solve it. But he wants to face the problem.

Zuckerberg emphasized that there are many providers who want to provide services to users worldwide for free because they can not afford it. If you want to connect users around the world with each other and get no money for this task, then you try to at least finance this through advertising. This is the only reasonable model to accomplish this task. Contrary to popular belief, he would be very worried about the users. He would not translate ideas on the sales department’s advice, but on how much they use the community.

Then, the head of the social network criticized Tim Cook and Apple as a company whose products existed only for the rich. He also quoted Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who once said something like: “There are companies that work hard to take more money from customers, and there are companies that work hard so that kudnen pay as little as possible .

What does privacy cost?

Apple products are, in fact, at first Look not exactly cheap. But they are not necessarily overpriced compared to products from other manufacturers. This applies to smartphones as well as notebooks or desktop computers. When comparing the iMac with products from other manufacturers, for example, it is often forgotten that the computer has a high-quality display that has no equal. Similar high-quality displays make a comparable PC similarly expensive; Samsung’s high-end smartphones are now not much cheaper than Apple’s iPhones, but much less stable value. Either way, this discussion distracts from the most important question. So, I do not think Mark Zuckerberg does himself a favor when he argues that way.

No matter whether a product costs money or not, the user’s privacy should always be a good thing. That this does not always correspond to reality is witnessed far too many examples from reality. Cheap smartphones that are shipped with Trojans as well as children’s dolls that become a bug.

How important is your privacy?

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