Chargers with Qi Wireless are not really that wireless. Sure, the charging of the iPhone 8 or X is realized by induction, but the station itself is currently powered by micro-USB. LXORY has now introduced a Qi charger with Lightning cable.

How nonsensical many previous Qi charging stations are for Apple users can already be seen in the use of a Micro Now, LXORY has finally launched a Qi charger with a Lightning connector so Apple users do not need more different cables.

The LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad features not only via a Lightning input but also via MicroUSB and USB-C. So the user can decide for himself which cable he uses for the power supply the otherwise wireless device uses.

If you want, you can also charge with the LXORY like Qi devices at the same time. Unfortunately, this does not work with the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the LXORY Pad only delivers 5 watts. This is a little bit, because now the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X can be charged with 7.5 watts.

The pad costs about $ 29 and should also find its way to us. It's too early to predict when that will happen.

Hopefully, other Qi-Pad vendors will follow suit and, in turn, create charging capabilities that Apple users will find convenient to use. Apple itself wants to present a charging station with the AirPower device, which can charge not only iPhone and Apple Watch but also the charging case of the AirPods. But that should take a while longer. Observers expect that AirPower will cost around $ 120 - not a bargain, but a little more order on the desk or bedside table.

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