Craig Federighi: Touchscreen Macs Will not Gain

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In a memorable keynote moment, when Federighi asked those present if Apple would merge iOS and macOS, a huge “N

However, the company has devised a plan to incorporate and customize for macOS the most important framework elements of iOS and UIKit, the developer of iPhone and iPad apps from 2019 can easily port to the Mac. In the wired interview, Federighi once again stated that it is not about developing a single Apple operating system, but rather testing the updated UIKit tools in their own home, news, stock and voice memo apps later appear in macOS Mojave this year.

When porting iOS applications to macOS, the question of a touchscreen MacBook quickly crops up. Federighi has quickly shelved this idea that has surfaced over the years. He also mentioned that Apple does not see touchscreen-enabled laptops as competitors.

“We really believe that the ergonomics of using a Mac is that the hands rest on a surface and that it does

Federighi added that he did not care for the touch-screen laptops he described today as “experiments” Convincing

Parts of this porting process are automated, but for UI elements like menus and sidebars developers would have to lend a hand. Federighi emphasized that the Mac will not behave like an iPhone. “It’s still macOS, you still have the terminal, you can still connect four monitors to it, you can still connect external drives” he said.

Even games could so come from iOS on the Mac. Epic’s Fortnite could be a likely candidate.

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