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PDF Instructions: Best Tips & Free Downloads

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PDF Instructions:

  1. Create PDF
  2. Edit PDF
  3. PDF to Word
  4. [PDFPrint
  5. HTML to PDF
  6. Reduce PDF
  7. PDF Reader
  8. Combine PDF

PDF Tips & Downloads

The Portable Document Format (PDF ) is one of the most popular and widely used file formats on the Internet. In the navigation box on the left side, we have put together the most important terms on the subject of PDF for you. Surely the right search term is there for you. Click on the links to get PDF tutorials and workshops, tips and tricks, and of course the appropriate free PDF downloads for each topic.

In addition, we have compiled the 20 most important PDF tools for free download in our photo gallery.

        → Photo Gallery: The 20 Best Free PDF Tools

Create PDF

You want to create a PDF? Then we recommend the PDFCreator because it is clearly one of the best free PDF tools. It lets you easily create PDFs and even combine multiple documents into a single PDF.

Instructions: Create PDF

Download: PDFCreator


Edit PDF

Editing a PDF is easy with the right PDF tools, because there are now many free alternatives to the very expensive Adobe Acrobat. For the PDF edit we recommend the Nitro PDF Reader. For example, you can add text and notes to your PDF.

To the manual: PDF edit

Download: Nitro PDF Reader


PDF to Word

Converting PDF to Word is no problem: For example, with the Free PDF to Word Doc Converter. The software converts all texts and images. The advantage: You can then edit a Word-Doc to your heart's content.

To the manual: PDF to Word

Download: Free PDF to Word Doc Converter


Print PDF

PDF Printer is a term for PDF tools that can be used to create PDFs. The PDF program is set up as a printer. Printing PDF means nothing more than creating a PDF directly from within an Office application.

To the manual: PDF print

Download: PDFCreator



Storing a website in its original layout is not that easy. Help is provided by clever PDF tools such as the Nitro PDF Reader. We tell you how to convert HTML to PDF and which PDF tool will give you the best results.

To the instruction: HTML to PDF

Download: Nitro PDF Reader


To shrink a PDF This may be necessary, for example, if you have worked with many large format images or if the document is very large. If you want to send the PDF by e-mail, the file size can quickly become a problem. Compress the PDF with a packer like 7-Zip or reduce the DPI number – we'll show you how it's done.

To instructions: PDF

Download: 7-Zip

Merge PDF

Merge a PDF? Very easy, with the right tool. The PDFCreator offers you the possibility, via the "wait / gather" function, to combine several documents into a single PDF.

To the instructions: Attach PDF

Download: PDFCreator


        → Photo Gallery: The 20 Best Free PDF Tools

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