Create PDF from images – Here’s how it works on Mac

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How to create a PDF from multiple images

First, open the folder with the desired images in the Finder and select it. You can either select them by dragging or hold down the command key (cmd) to highlight individual images. Now click with the right mouse button on one of the selected files. In the context menu, click on “Open with> Preview (default)”.

In the sidebar of the preview app you can see all images. You can now change the order by moving the recordings and change the subsequent display order within the PDF. Danebene also has the option of cropping, rotating, or otherwise adjusting individual shots. By the way: If you select several pages at the same time, you can turn them all with one click.

After you have made all necessary adjustments, click on “File> Print” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Now show “Details” on the bottom left and then remove the check mark next to “Automatically rotate”. Next, click the drop-down menu next to Hide Details in the lower-left corner and select Save as PDF. Now set a title, author, subject, keywords and a location. In the case of sensitive content, you can use “Security Options …” to take action such as password or copy protection. Otherwise, click Save to create a PDF from your images.

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