Create PDF from Website on Mac – Here’s how

Even if printouts are very handy, it's often better to save a file as PDF. One reason for this is that whenever you want to print something, the ink cartridge is empty or there is no paper left in the house. It can not happen with a PDF, and when you put it in cloud storage, it's always there. We would therefore like to show you how to create a PDF on a Mac from the print view.

How to Create a PDF on Mac

Your Mac hosts all sorts of printable media such as documents, photos, web pages, and other content that you can turn into a PDF using the following small but nice trick.

Note: Do not be tempted by the "Export to PDF" screenshots on the screenshots, this option is not available in all apps, so we'll show you n Universal way to print view.

Open a web page in Safari, a photo in the preview app or a document in the respective program. Now select from the menu bar at the top of the screen and select "File"> "Print". Alternatively, you can simply press Command (cmd) + (p) on your keyboard.

The "PDF" option already appears in the left corner of the print preview. Click on it and select "Save as PDF"

Now specify a file name and enter a title. Then select the location. This is by default the "Downloads" folder. Once you have entered everything, click "Save" and the PDF will be created and can now be found in the selected folder.

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