Dacia cars will get compatibility with Android Auto along with models from Alfa Romeo, Volvo and Opel

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Android Auto, the software component in cars that lets you connect your smartphone and operate it through the infotainment system now gets on more cars. Among brands like Alfa Romeo, Volvo and Opel, we also have Dacia, whose Media Nav system will be compatible with the Google operating system in the very near future. The announcement was made via the official Android website

New Android Auto cars have been added to the "Auto" category Android.com page. We have the 2018+ Giulia and 2018+ Stelvio models on the Alfa Romeo 2018+, the 2018+ Kicks, the MM518D-L and the MM518D-W (these are the names of the navigation systems, not the cars) and the Volvo 2019+ S60, 2019+ V60 and 2018+ XC40

Virtually all the machines that were upgraded to new versions 2018 or 2019 from these manufacturers, which had Android Auto before any, retain this functionality. In the case of Opel (and Vauxhall in the UK), the 2018+ Combo and the 2018+ Grandland X are the ones that benefit from Android Auto functionality

Finally, we have a new page on the Android Auto website dedicated to the Romanian Dacia manufacturer. Here are no models that will benefit from this functionality, but it is quite easy to guess that it will be the ones that benefit from the Media Nav system. Since all cars in the Dacia range can be configured with this system, they will probably also be compatible with Android Auto

But there is a question mark when we consider the availability of Android Auto in Romania. Google does not provide official support for this capability, so users have to install their application in APK format because it does not appear in the Romanian Google Store. Because of this, Dacia may not install the software on compatible machines sold to us in the country. Including the Android Auto site specifies that "availability may vary by country and configuration level." Also, the link on the page goes to the Dacia website in the UK.

While Dacia cars may be "on the go" on this occasion, there is the possibility that only those in other countries enjoy the new functionality. We currently have no information about the compatibility of the Media Nav infotainment system and Apple's CarPlay features

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