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Daemon Tools Lite Free Download Daemon Tools Lite is a free software for emulating a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player, ie to make the system believe that such a player is installed while it is the basis of a simple disk image present on the hard disk of the system. It can read a large number of disc image formats (ISO images), whether data, video (DVD, Blu-Ray) or audio CDs.

It also offers tools for creating a disk image.

Daemon Tools is a CD and DVD emulator capable of reading the following file formats: mdx, mds / mdf, iso, b5t, b6t, bwt, ccd, cdi, bin / cue, ape / cue, flac / cue, nrg and isz. The creation of disk images is also at the rendezvous. It is compatible with CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray.

Disk images are saved in one of the following formats: iso, mds / mdf, and mdx. In case of lack of space, the images can be compressed. Password protection is allowed to protect the files.

With Daemon Tools Lite, it is possible to create up to 4 virtual drives. Each reader can be configured to fit a region. The customization of access letters can also be done. It is thus possible to mount and use up to 4 disk images simultaneously. For more information, see the

Daemon Tools tutorial

To start you will need:
The software installation CD / DVD, or the image file (identical copy) of the CD, often with the ISO extension.
The computer on which to install this program.
An external support (USB stick, Hard Disk, SD card …), where to copy the image of the CD / DVD.
If needed, a second computer to create an image file of the CD.

Copy installation files
Sometimes a simple copy and paste of the CD on your external media is enough.
Copy the contents of the CD / DVD into an external medium (USB stick, SD card …).
Copy the files to the computer where to install the software.
Launch the installation file, often named Install.exe , Setup.exe , or Autorun.exe

If this method does not work, read on.
Create an ISO file
If you already have your ISO file, skip to the next chapter.

If a simple copy of the CD is not enough, you have to create a copy of the CD, named image file , with ISO extension.
Create its ISO file as shown in this article .

Install Daemon Tools Lite

  • Launch the downloaded .exe file (often DTLite * .exe).
  • Click on Run to start the installation:
  • Leave the French language and click on Ok :
  • Welcome window launches, click on Next :
  • The License Agreement appears, click on I accept :
  • Check License free :
  • Uncheck Windows Gadget :
  • Important : choose I do not want to install Speed ​​up PC :
  • The installation starts. Wait.
  • Uncheck Send anonymous usage statistics … and click Finish :
    • Daemon Tools Lite launches.

    Use Daemon Tools Lite

    Once the software is installed, the Daemon Tools Lite icon appears in the bottom right corner of the taskbar.

    To emulate the CD / DVD in the virtual CD drive:

    • Left click on the icon and click on the first available reader:
    • Choose the ISO file then click on the Open button :
    • The virtual CD appears in My Computer:
    • Install the software as with a real CD:
    • It’s finish !

Since DAEMON Tools Lite 10, the program combines the basic functionality for virtual drive emulation and lots of advanced features which can be purchased separately.

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