Data from an Apple Watch is used as evidence in a homicide case

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Data recorded by an Apple smartwatch brand is used by Australian authorities in a homicide case. Myrna Nilsson, a 57-year-old woman, was found dead in her home in Adelaide in September 2016. Police were called after a neighbor saw the woman's daughter, Caroline Dela Rose Nilsson, leaving the house

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Nilsson said she was followed by a group of men at the house of the bitch following a dispute with them. According to her, the attackers linked her and took her to the kitchen, so she did not know how her mother-in-law died

Investigators believe now that the woman invented this story. A forensic expert analyzed Myrna Nilsson's intelligent clock, and the extracted data reduced the woman's time in a 7 minute window from 18:38 to 18:45

The Apple Watch device has experienced an outbreak of activity, probably at the time of the attack, followed by a period of calm. From Caroline Nilsson's phone, the police found out that she had contacted her husband at 19:02 and at 19:13 she bought something on eBay.

Nora's wife had announced that she had left the house to ask for help around 22:00, three hours after her death. If the evidence from Apple Watch is accepted by the court, Caroline Nilsson will be accused of lying testimony and, most likely, of murder. The trial will be judged on June 13, and the accused is in custody.

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