Data from Chinese iCloud users is now stored in China

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China is not free of contradictions for companies that want to do business in the Middle Kingdom. This also affects Apple’s most valuable US company, as China Telekom’s subsidiary now operates the iCloud servers in China, which Apple had previously given to Guizhou Cloud Big Data (GCBD). This poses problems for possible access of government agencies to user data.

It is well known that China is the most important production location for Apple. Only there are quality, quantity and price. On the other hand, China is also the most important sales market. However, the Chinese state oversees all online activities of its entrusted guarantors, in the logical consequence of which Apple iCloud is now placed under state control in China.

The US blog TechCrunch advises iPhone owners in China to abandon their user accounts and to create an Apple ID with a different country from China. However, according to Apple support, it is not clear whether services such as backup, photo sharing, keychain, Find my iPhone and even Handoff and Apple Pay will then work without restrictions.

On the other hand, the US Government recently China Mobile the operation of telecommunications in the US. This step is justified by the Trump administration with security concerns. China Mobile, which is majority owned by China (74.2 percent), wanted to operate as a provider in the US and would need to connect its communication networks to the networks of other providers. This would open the door to Chinese surveillance in the US, according to the argument.

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