Day One V3.0 released for iPhone and iPad App

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Day One V3.0 released for iPhone and iPad App. The diary app by developer Bloom Built has recently been released in a new version. For this, the editor has been completely redesigned and now offers a dark mode. You can also save audio recordings of the journal entries.

New editor in Day One V3

Bloom Built updates its Day One app to version 3. The Diary App editor has been redesigned from the ground up. This is how you should now be able to write your diary entries even better than before.

Just tap in the Editor where you want to start writing or editing. With a “Done” button, you can finish the editing on the spot. You can also quickly clear the paragraphs with a swipe gesture.

Markdown Support Extended

In addition, Markdown support has been extended to Day One. But this works even easier, as the editor takes the work off of you and automatically converts headings, lists, bold or italicized text.

Using a dynamic code block, Day One V3 now also supports advanced markdown capabilities such as tables or HTML. Code for formatting. Existing content should be automatically recognized and converted into a code block if required. You can either edit the code block with a button or just view it as a rendered web view.

Dark Mode and Audio recordings

Also new are for example a dark mode or the possibility to save audio recordings to the diary entries. However, both are features that are reserved for premium users.

For more information, please read the notice text in the App Store.

Note for Mac users: So far, only version 2.7.4 is available under macOS. Entries made on the iPhone or iPad with the new version 3 will not work on the Mac. That should change soon. Bloom Built is working hard on the matching Mac app update.

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