DearCar, the chat application for drivers operating on the basis of the registration number

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Created by a group of Romanian developers, DearCar is a free application available for iOS and Android, through which drivers can easily communicate with each other based on car number

Thus, drivers can ask for help from one another in traffic, they can deliver useful messages or warnings. And pedestrians can enter into the application by registering nickname, without other personal data, to convey messages to traffickers.

" I am one of the millions of drivers in Romania and I am struggling daily with traffic problems. All of this makes us aggressive at the wheel and more nervous than is the case. But technology comes to our aid. Now the drivers can solve their civilized problems. If the authorities do not help us get more enjoyable traffic, let us, the drivers, do everything we can to make our lives easier ! "Says George Butunoiu, driver and entrepreneur.

The application also provides drivers or fleet managers with notifications about all important machine data: RCA, CASCO, Rovinieta, ITP authorization, warranties, etc.

Application Features:

  • Dialogue between drivers or between pedestrians and drivers, for warnings, signaling traffic problems, or asking for help
  • Early notification when RCA, CASCO, Rovineta, ITP authorization, warranties, other fixed-term operations, etc. are to expire
  • Storage of car information in one place: series, expiration dates, copies after insurance, contact details of service companies, tow, insurance, emergency interventions, etc.
  • Warnings by the Police, City Hall and other authorities on restrictions and other information related to snow removal, public works, bottlenecks and other emergencies, etc.

Idea of ​​entrepreneur George Butunoiu, DearCar application provides intuitive and user-friendly interface design. Once downloaded, the registration is done without any other personal data, only with the number of the driven machine, who wants to send and receive messages, or nickname for who only wants to send messages to a particular driver. Of course, there is also the ability to enroll both phone numbers or e-mail addresses for simultaneous communication on these channels as well. Contact the driver by entering the machine number in the message box. Also, all relevant information for which a driver needs to receive notifications can be stored in the app.

DearCar can be downloaded for free in Android and iOS versions

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