Death is considered a breach of contract in the PayPal vision

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What happens to online accounts on different services when the person who opened them dies? Well, there are several policies around the world. Some companies choose to leave their accounts open and mark them properly, others close their accounts completely, while PayPal claims that death is a breach of contract.

Lindsay Durdle, a British citizen, recently died of breast cancer that spread to the lungs and metastasized. Apparently, it had a £ 3,240.72 debt to PayPal on its account. After her husband, Howard Durdle, announced the company of his wife's death, the company's response came in the form of a standard letter, stating that the death notification was in breach of the signed contract at the opening of the account, either closed or for debt recovery, other measures such as recourse to a recovery service will be taken. The letter was addressed to account holder Lindsay Durdle

Meanwhile, PayPal went public and offered a statement for The Next Web site, where representatives apologized for the letter sent in error. The company deleted the debts of this account and closed the account, according to Howard Durdle's requirements, promising to better verify this type of claim in the future and to improve the process so that such situations would not be repeated.

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