Deezer is inspired by Spotify and launches automatically generated weekly and weekly playlists

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Spotify is everyone's attention lately. In Romania because it has just begun for a month and a half, and worldwide because the company has recently been listed on the stock exchange. Meanwhile, competitors in the streaming music market are out of the question, Deezer announcing the change in Flow functionality, which promises similar Spotify capabilities, but with a slightly different "flavor."

Those who use Spotify always praise playlists automatically generated by service algorithms that offer genre-specific music suggestions, each day making a list for each type of music. The new Deezer enhanced Flow functionality will encourage new discovery of new music that suits the user preferences. Thus, you can choose from the new Tab genres or favorite bands, which automatically generate a customized radio station.

In addition to these genre-based posts, Deezer Flow will bring to users all sorts of recommendations, from albums to artists to new genres that may be of interest, as well as new releases from relevant artists. While "Inspired by" playlists will be generated daily, "Discover" types will be generated weekly, like Spotify's Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly

This strategy is not new. Technology companies are often forced to "copy" certain competition functions to stay relevant on such a competitive market. Since Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music already had custom playlists for each user according to their preferences, it was only a matter of time before Deezer would implement something similar.

The Deezer interface, however, seems to approach an attractive card-based design, while Flow has its own button at the bottom of the menu. If you still have a subscription to Deezer and you are preparing to switch to Spotify, you probably have less reason to do so now. Of course, Spotify's response to this change will surely come in the near future, as there are rumors of improving the service for "free" account users for several weeks now

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