#DeleteFacebook: Steve Wozniak Leaves FaceBook

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He also actively used Facebook and published animal video collections there. He is an animal lover and has also exchanged views on this topic with his friends and acquaintances.

Trade in Data Turns Users into Products

But by now the point has been reached, including himself moved to say goodbye to the network, betrayed the Apple founder Steve Wozniak in conversation with USA Today.

For him, became more and more clear, how careless the Internet companies Facebook, but also Google, deal with users’ data. In the end, the user is just a product. He would rather pay for Facebook than sell his data to third parties.

No control over own data

Woz is especially disappointed that security and privacy settings have no effect on Facebook , Because even if you do not want to disclose data publicly, companies can gain access to this data. This has shown the recent example of Cambridge Analytica.

He wanted to communicate with a “like” only to a friend or friend sympathy with the story / entry. Instead, this interest in the matter is then marketed to companies.

Decision of friends causes Woz to rethink

He himself seems to be a rather comfortable person. But when some of his closest friends and acquaintances recently left Facebook, the decision matured in him as well. In fact, he has been carrying him around for a long time, but most of the time the effort was too big for him to delete his account after all.

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