Desktop Gadgets: Workplace Accessories

K In addition we can or want to remember the time when only paper and a few pens lay on our desk, next to it perhaps a clunky landline phone and a few books. Today everything is digitized, small, compact and quickly accessible. And yet there are pitfalls. Because we need the right cable, the right adapter, accessories to protect your hands, joints and back or a high-quality charging station to keep all devices alive. Here are some of the most important accessories for your (everyday) work.

The right cable

Let’s start with a – still important – element, the cable. One of the most competent contact partners for cable connections of all kinds is the company Artwizz. In the assortment of the Berlin-based company you will find everything from lightning cables in different lengths to USB-C-connections everything you could possibly desire, even stripping with a 30-pin connector. The Lightning cable, for example, is available in versions from 25 or 50 centimeters in length to a two-meter-long version. But also MicroUSB and USB-C cable leads Artwizz in the program. Starting at 9,99 Euro, Artwizz’s online shop gets rid of the cables.

The iMac Extension

A particularly slim and versatile plug solution for your iMac is Satechis Clamp Hub Pro (49.99 Euro). This slim hub is simply plugged into the bottom of your iMac and now you also have three USB-A and a USB-C plug and an SD and a microSD card slot. Most importantly, all these inputs point forwards, eliminating one of the iMac’s small but annoying problems, the rear panel connectors. But beware: The multiport is designed primarily for the new iMac and the iMac Pro 2017, since here a USB-C connection to the iMac leads. With an older model you need a corresponding adapter. With such a we have tested the stroke and are thrilled with the daily work relief.

Pleasant Floor: Mousepad

A desk object that has been forgotten is the mousepad, which will be of great service to us in 2018 as well. Artwizz offers an extremely thin mousepad for all mouse types from as little as € 7.99. Even better: The pads are available in the “Apple color” gold and in black. The underside is silicone-coated and thus extremely non-slip, the surface slightly roughened for a pleasant work. Thanks to its 0.36 millimeter “height”, the scratch-resistant and extremely durable mouse pad is also suitable for carrying and working on the go.

Always Loaded

For those who have devices that can charge wirelessly, we recommend Xlayers Charging Pad (64.99 euros). The circular charging station for all Qi-enabled smartphones holds securely on your desk, it occupies little space and is connected via USB plug to the power.

The Artwizz WatchStand (29.99 Euro) in turn loads your Apple Watch in a chic way. Made of one hundred percent aluminum, the block makes an excellent aesthetic accessory on the table, but has a few key features: An integrated magnet holds the charging cable tight and your Apple Watch can be closed or open for charging, with two Stand positions always the ideal view of the clock.

Everything is better with music

Whether you want to sit at the desk with headphones or colleagues in the office want to share in musical background, Teufels Radio 3sixty (279.99 euros) is the all-purpose weapon for both situations. No matter where you are in the room, the excellent 360-degree sound of the 3sixty will reach you. The Internet radio-enabled device, which also features DAB +, FM radio, Bluetooth aptX and Spotify Connect, as well as a built-in subwoofer, is compact enough to be placed on the table and powerful enough to be loud at times , If you fall asleep at the desk, Teufel’s loudspeaker will help you with its alarm function.

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