DesktopOK Download (64-bit) – Free download and software reviews

DesktopOK Download (64-bit) - Free download and software reviews

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DesktopOK is an icon rendering program that makes it easy to organize items on your desktop. Their location position can also be saved and later reset. It can be run as a free application. Portable software. English

If there are loads of files, icons, or items on the desktop, it may be very difficult to find information between them, so it is a good idea to bring a system into chaos. Fortunately, for this task, we can find a solution with a search engine called so called icon director software. This is DesktopOK as well. A very small resource program can be very useful in specific cases. Since it does not have to be installed, it is not garbage and can be accessed from multiple machines, you can even implement it via a USB key. It receives a minimalist yet practical interface. Here you can customize your existing icons by multiple predefined methods.

You can set up DesktopOK icons by random occurrence, categorize by name or by date. If you already have the best position for you, you can save it so you can restore it later. This function can even be scheduled. You can also schedule the ability to hide the icons in idle mode after a specified time, and this also supports the taskbar.

DesktopOK also knows in Hungarian, but it is possible that this should be done manually at the first startup selected. This can be in the bottom left corner. DesktopOK also provides direct access to some Windows features including monitor settings, task manager, system information, and desktop. You can still find a calendar component.

If you want to make your desktop environment more transparent, you will want to organize the icons on them that DesktopOK can help you with. With the potential of this, it goes much further, it is also worth trying those who need to use it ...

This is far more knowledgeable than the software called Fences that can perform the sorting as widely as possible, hide. Unfortunately, she is a commercial product, but anyone can try it for 30 days. As a free alternative, the RocketDock can be considered.

Overall, DesktopOK can render the icons on the desktop by categorization, supported by several methods, you want to stop the original state. You can download it in Hungarian, free of charge.

DesktopOK Summary:

  • Icon Rendering Program
  • does not need to be installed
  • can be categorized by multiple methods
  • Current Positions Can Be Saved
  • Hide Icons
  • For Windows Features
  • English
  • Full Version ( Freeware )
  • Official Site:

DesktopOK Download

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