Despite the criticism, iPhone X is responsible for 35% of the smartphone market profit in Q4-2017


Apple has a long history in the lead of the smartphone market, attracting more than 90% of the profit generated by this industry in times of glory. Even if revenue is currently distributed somewhat more consistently, Apple remains a market leader, with the iPhone X Series topping up more than 35% of global revenue

According to a Counterpoint Research analysis, smartphone sales did not increase in the Q4-2017 range to exactly what Apple wanted for the premium range, but they also propelled the company to the top, Apple remaining the most profitable brand, capturing 86% of total profits generated by sale of handset. Industry-wide, iPhone X is responsible for 21% of revenue and 35% of overall revenue.

Putting things in perspective, iPhone X has generated as much profit as many as 600 Android phone brands

Simultaneously, Apple's decision to keep on selling the earlier iPhone series, some models even 3 years old, has helped attract more limited-budget buyers to the detriment of Android phone makers

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