Drona Mavic Air should be unveiled today, but pictures have already been taken along with a list of its capabilities on the internet. Indeed, we are dealing with a low-cost drones with a foldable design and a number of advantages over even more expensive models in the DJI offer, especially in the photo and video capture chapter. Of course, there are disadvantages.

Mavic Air will adopt the foldable design of the Mavic Pro, but in a smaller body. It is not clear how small it is, but it will surely be somewhere between the DJI Spark miniature drones, which can land in the palm of the user and Mavic Pro, which can easily be carried in a backpack.

In the technical specifications chapter, we are dealing with a camcorder capable of recording 4K and 60 frames per second, a novelty for the consumer-powered droning series and providing a 21-minute flight time on a single charge. Photos can be taken at 32 megapixels, perhaps by attaching multiple frames in panorama mode.

On the outside, the Mavic Air drones will be available in several colors, and the camcorder seems to be limited in vertical movement. The stabilization system does not seem to offer three axes of movement, like the superior models, being closer to the Spark variant in this respect

The official announcement from DJI will come with more details like a price and a launch date. Given that DJI Spark costs $ 500 and Mavic Pro $ 1,000, Mavic Air is likely to get somewhere between them, bringing the performance drones to a higher level of potential customers

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