Developers of the Telegram messaging application, you want to give up the encryption keys

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Confidently confirmed for a new term of office, Vladimir Putin aims to tighten control over electronic communications on the territory of Russia. Predictably, the plans do not fit with Western aspirations to guarantee the right to private, intermediary communications through means that are not under the control of local authorities

With over 9.5 million users only in Russia, Telegram is one of the few messaging services that allows relatively secure communications between smartphone owners protected behind a connection encryption algorithm. Following a request from the Federal Intelligence Service (former KGB), the Telegram owner is required to pass the encryption keys for use to intercept conversations between suspects under the authority radar.

Even if the outcome was predictable, the Telegram owners appealed to the Supreme Court, but instead received a categorical refusal and a fine for immediate non-compliance with the requests received.

Empowered by new laws justified by the need to counter the activities of terrorist groups, local authorities may arbitrarily order the interception of communications for any resident, Telegram administrators having 14 days to comply or withdraw the messaging service from the territory of the country

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