Digital Notes: Google Keep, the clever alternative to Apple’s notes app

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1. Capture Text

Sometimes a handwritten note is simply faster than a smartphone. So that the good old "paper economy" finds its way into digital, Google Keep offers an integrated text recognition. This is especially handy on the iPhone: First, take a picture of a note on a piece of paper using the camera icon to add it to an entry on Google Keep. Now hold down the photo with your finger until the editing functions open. In the action menu select the command "Capture Caption". Google Keep accepts contained text as note content. Of course this also works in the web app.

Application tip : Convert contact data from collected business cards and add additional notes to the person.

2. Sharing Notes

Google Keep is a cloud-based application - much like the Office suite Google Docs. And so it is not surprising that you can share your notes with friends, colleagues and family members. You can easily do this with the "employee" icon (the small person with the plus sign). In the mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, first select the action menu to present it. Now you can enter any e-mail address to invite the associated person to your note. If a person is already in your contacts, just enter their name. You can also select a contact list that has been merged into a "family group."

Application tip : Share a shopping list with your entire family.

3. Tabs for Keep

Chrome Extension: "Category Tabs for Google Keep" is the name of an add-on for the popular web browser that divides your notes into tabs - depending on the colors you assign them to. Clever: Each color or tab you can give your own name to assign them to different topics.

Application tip : Task management with various projects - Trello sends greetings!

4 , Save Websites

For Chrome users, Google offers a browser extension for Google Keep that lets you transfer web page addresses to the Notes app in just a few clicks. After the installation, Google Keep enters his thumbnail in the expansion bar. If you now stumble over a website that you want to save for a project, click on the icon with the mouse to create a note. The link now ends up in your Google Keep app.

But the small extension can do even more: right-click on an image or select a text, you can use the context menu to Google content Keep

Application tip : Quotes, images, and web pages for homework, study work or for a project.

5. Collaborating with Google Docs

Google Keep is part of the tightly meshed Google "ecosystem" and is particularly well-suited to the online word processor Google Docs. If you unfold the action menu of a note (the three overlapping dots), you will find the function "Copy to Docs", which creates a text document within Google Drive. You can edit it there as you like.

But you can also access your notes in the web version of Google Docs: In the "Tools" menu of the word processor, there is the entry "Notepad": This opens an overview of your Google Notes in the right side column. Use the action menu of a note to transfer it to the document.

Application tip : Collect notes from lectures, meetings, and workshops into a log.

6. Add Drawings

Google Keep allows you to insert photos and pictures from your own hard drive. Even better, the program houses a simple drafting tool for sketches. If you would like to create a note as a drawing, simply use the pencil symbol when creating the note. Keep now opens a canvas on which you can use the mouse or - on the iPhone and iPad - to paint your finger. The stroke width, color, and shape are determined using the toolbar above the artboard. There is also an eraser and a lasso. You can attach a title as well as a note to the finished sketch. Conversely, you may add a drawing to finished notes using the action menu.

Application Tip : Quickly hold your design ideas with your finger.

7. Location-dependent reminders

Google Keep's reminder feature is extremely flexible. For example, you can have a memo reminding you of a date and time by a push message on the iPhone or in the web browser. But also the location-based reminder works wonderfully: In the mobile or web app, select the reminder symbol (the finger with the loop) of a note so that you can see it as soon as you arrive at home or at work. You can also use the "Select location" entry to specify a location for the notification: Simply enter an address in the input field - for example, the name of a supermarket. Google Keep uses the extensive database of Google Maps and completes the address usually independently. If you come near your target, the iPhone app reminds you of the corresponding note.

Usage Tip : Link the shopping list to the address of the supermarket.

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