Disable In-App Reviews – How It Works on iPhone & iPad


Do you know this? Just in a game between two missions / levels and suddenly a pop-up that asks you to rate the app. If you do not do a rating, the question keeps appearing. Even after the release of a new version, the question may reappear. If you feel annoyed, Apple gives you the option to disable it.

How To Prevent In-App Reviews on iPhone & iPad

To do this, first open the Settings app on your iOS device. Now scroll down and select “iTunes & App Store” from the list. In the next submenu you will see different settings for the different stores. However, drag the slider to the left of “Reviews in apps” to prevent you from being asked for a rating right in the app. However, the function can be reactivated at any time. Then you can leave the settings.

While such requests can be annoying, helping developers improve apps. This not only eliminates errors, but also offers you the opportunity to actively participate in the further development. In addition, disabling the feature does not guarantee that you will no longer ask apps for a rating in the future. In addition to the official interface, developers also have the opportunity to create their own pop-ups, which may include similar requests. Such inserts can not be prevented by the “iTunes & App Stores” settings due to the lack of API integration.

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