Disable Personal Inquiries on HomePod – Here’s how

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Ready During setup, you were asked if you would like to allow personal inquiries. However, this option is tied to several prerequisites. The HomePod and the iOS device must be logged in using the same Apple ID and on the same Wi-Fi network.

If you live alone, then the feature is still very practical. Not only will there be a risk of privacy (reading messages or notes) as soon as there are several people in the household, but other residents or even guests may send messages on your behalf if you are not careful.

Apple offers you in this case two option. You can either deactivate the feature completely or you have to release the request first via your iPhone, but this negates the comfort factor of the HomePod, because you can use the iPhone right away. Nevertheless, we would like to show you both ways.

How to Disable Personal Inquiries on the HomePod

First, make sure the HomePod and your iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Now open the Home app on your iPhone and hold your finger on the HomePod icon. Then select “Settings”. Further down, type “Personal Requests”. Now drag the slider next to Personal Requests to the left to disable the feature. Then you can leave the settings again.

Personal request only with approval

To ensure that only you can make personal inquiries, open the home app on your iPhone and hold yours for a moment Press the HomePod icon. Then select “Settings”. Further down, type “Personal Requests”. There you will find two options besides the deactivation option: “For secure requests” and “Never”. The latter option is actually handy, but allows anyone in your home to use the feature. On the other hand, if you select “For Secure Inquiries,” then you must first authenticate to your iOS device when making a personal inquiry.

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