Disconnecting from Catherine Price

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Are you one of those people who know that your cell phone takes too long? But you can not convince yourself to do something about it? Perhaps this will be helped by a new guide from the publisher Rowohlt. This one will be released on May 15, 2018, but you can pre-order it now.

At last, switch off from Catherine Price

It’s titled “Shut Up Finally.” In it Catherine Price advocates for a healthier handling of the Smartphone. Because we interact with the device for three and a half hours a day, our brain structures change, according to the science journalist. Our attentiveness suffers from the constant use of the devices.

It wants to tell you how to regain control of your evenings and weekends. So that you can enjoy more quiet hours again. The guidebook promises nothing less than to make your handling of the device more sustainable in 30 days.

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Finally switch off: Why leave your smartphone to give us time, happiness and love

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