Displaying the iPhone Keyboard as a Capital Letter View – Here’s how

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When iOS 8 was changed to iOS 9, a small but important detail changed – the on-screen keyboard. While the old versions used only the capital letters view, the keyboard in iOS 9 first visibly distinguished between uppercase and lowercase letters, making it much easier to distinguish between the two modes. However, if you want to switch back, it works quite simply.

Until iOS 9 before two Years ago, you could only tell whether uppercase or lowercase letters were activated by using the virtual shift key.The keyboard from iOS 9 (and newer) makes the difference clearer and now displays the individual letters accordingly We want to show you how to switch back to the old view.

To change the keyboard back to upper case view in iOS 11

Start by picking up your iPhone or iPad and then opening the Settings app. Now select the entry “General” and then touch the item “Accessibility”. Now scroll down a little until you see the Keyboard option. Touch this. You now see the setting “Lowercase Keys” at the top.

Now drag the slider to the left to reactivate the capital letter view. Exit the settings app. The next time you use the software keyboard, you’ll see only uppercase letters again.

Note: You can always switch back to the new iPhone keyboard. Just follow the steps above and simply move the slider back to the right.

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