Displaying Unread Email on Mac – Here’s how it works

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How to get n Displaying Unread E-Mails on Mac

First, open the Mail app on your Mac. These are known to be in the dock at the bottom of the screen or in the Applications folder. Then click on the “Mailbox” entry in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then select the option “New intelligent mailbox”. Now give the smart mailbox a suitable name such as “Unread e-mails” or something similar. Now select “All” from the “Contains E-Mails”

Then move your mouse pointer to the line below and then select “E-mail is unread” from the first drop-down menu. Then click on “OK”. Back in the standard mail view, your newly created mailbox containing the unread e-mails will now be displayed in the sidebar under “intelligent mailboxes”. Click to view the unread emails.

Unread messages are always marked with a blue dot in front of them. If there are no emails that you have not read yet, then your new intelligent mailbox will be empty.


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