Does Apple Match the Mac App Store to the iOS 11 App Store?

In early 2011, the Mac App Store opened its doors. Apple has made it easier for developers to publish software for the Mac and users have since benefited from the ease of use and increased security provided by Apple certification. However, little has changed in the past seven years on the known concept and is just screaming for a revision. In a recent blog post, the Apple journalist John Gruber has expressed his thoughts on the WWDC and here firmly believes in a major overhaul of the Mac App Store after the model of the current iOS App Store. Gruber sees great potential here, as the App Store on iOS 11 already addresses significantly more users.

The journalist is considered “well connected” with Apple and often knows in advance details of new products. However, he packs his “leaks” solidly in the form of blog posts that relate possible innovations to recent rumors.

However, revising the Mac App Store would be a great asset to the developers. It has recently been revealed that iOS apps advertised by Apple in Today View show an 800 percent increase in downloads. It would therefore be little wonder, if Apple is therefore synonymous for the Mac a similar path. Low download numbers were the main reason why some developers left the platform.

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