DOOGEE announces Mix 4, a phone with borderless display and no "bangs"


DOOGEE is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that usually deals with cloning the design of other brands, incorporating underneath shiny, less powerful components. Of course, the price of these devices is very small and no one would expect such a company to innovate in one way or the other. It seems, however, that by the end of the year we could expect a screened phone that covers the entire front surface of DOOGEE if its engineers really succeed in making a finished product after the model 4 model mock-up that was presented online.

The new Mix 4 was revealed just before the Mix 3, as it is most likely to be more impressive when viewed from a distance. A layout has been sent to YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss, who has returned it to all parties to extract as much information as possible before the official details are available. However, to make a phone with a screen-to-screen ratio of 97%, some compromises were needed, as well as the adoption of an older design that I have not seen on the market for years

Practically, DOGEE turned the phone into a sandwich with two sliding parts. When the screen is dragged down, all components are missing at first sight and are usually found in a "bang" on today's devices are discovered. Here is the call speaker, front camera and front sensors. Of course this is a compromise to make a full-screen phone, but it's not the only one

For example, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor are always covered when the slider is closed. At the same time, the sandwich design adds thick, the phone measuring 11 mm in the profile. Last but not least, a design of this kind adds vulnerable points, and the mechanism can be damaged before other components cede.

At the hardware level, there is not much to say as they are not yet complete. All that DOOGEE has revealed so far has been the display, which will be based on AMOLED technology, that there will be a fingerprint sensor in the display, a dual-camera system on the back, and that the chipset will be produced by Qualcomm , renouncing this model for MediaTek solutions used so far

DOOGEE Mix 4 could be one of the rare clones that surpass the source of inspiration. The entire mix of the company was inspired by Mi Mi Xiaomi, which, although it has reached the third model, has not escaped the chin from the bottom. With models like Mix 4 and Vivo Apex, bang-free phones seem to have an exciting future, but at the moment only China's very large or very small companies seem to invest in this direction, with the rest of the major players in the market adopting the cutting edge. Since Mix 3 from DOOGEE has not yet been released, and generally there is a 6-month distance between models, Mix 4 is likely to reach stores by the end of the year.

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