Doogee V borrows design from iPhone X and Galaxy S9 and integrates fingerprint sensor into display


After launching the iPhone X, we were definitely expecting to see clones with a cut-off screen on top, especially from smaller Chinese manufacturers, but the impact of the new design seems to have produced even bigger companies like Huawei and ASUS. Of course, smaller companies do not disappoint, Dogee announcing a new "bang" smartphone, inspired by the yet unprecedented Samsung Galaxy S9. The result is Dogeee V, a camomile ostrich that resembles an iPhone in front and a rear Samsung, equipped with something the originals do not offer: a fingerprint sensor in the display

Doogee V was in the media after a leak on Evan Blass's Twitter account, which said the phone would benefit from a 6.2 "screen and a fingerprint sensor in the display. The device will be fully unveiled on Feb. 27, the company confirming just that it exists. Details of the internal hardware and the price at which it will be available will most likely come in.

The images suggest that the "bang" in the display is intentionally but not add value to the user. There is no second camera or facial recognition authentication system, which is why the fingerprint sensor has probably been integrated at the bottom of the display. It is not clear what fingerprint sensor model is used, but since Synaptics is the only company that offers such a solution, there is a slight chance that it is another model.

We can expect to see more "bang" phones in 2018, whether justified by adding components that add value to user experience, or that manufacturers are trying to keep up with the trend set by Apple early in the month November.

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