Download Jalbum – Linux Software

                Drag a folder with your pictures and movies into Jalbum and click on "Create Album". JAlbum will create thumbnails from your images and display them in an index.html page.You can also create slide shows from your images at the same time, for easy navigation. The album thus created can contain images reduced in size. By clicking on these reduced images you can display, if you wish, the original images (for printing for example).

JAlbum does not modify your original images in any way. It only adds a few files and folders to the folder you selected for album creation. Jalbum also knows how to handle folder trees. JAlbum accepts jpeg, gif and png files as well as movie files .avi, .mpg and .wmv

You can easily change the appearance of your album thanks to the user interface (color , theme, dimensions, navigation buttons, layout etc) by selecting from a list a "skins" and an existing style.

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