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Description Windows 10 USB installer

Install Windows 10 with Update to the latest version by installing from the USB boot stick, or the original Windows 10 ISO DVD support kit. Free for download, Windows 10 can be obtained directly from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool, the user choosing the version of Windows in English or Romanian .

Once enabled, the app allows you to choose between upgrading Windows 10 directly from the operating system installed on your computer, or creating a Windows 10 boot usb stick that you can use with other PCs. With the first option, we can update Windows 10 to the latest version, getting an almost “clean” installation, but leaving untouched the already installed applications and important documents on the system partition. The second variation is preferred when we want to install Windows 10 on clean , on a new PC purchased or by deleting the previous Windows partition.

Using the Create Intalation Media option, the Media Creation Tool automates the entire download process, Windows 10 USB boot installer can be created in minutes. Measuring about 3GB, the Windows 10 installation kit requires a fast Internet connection and plenty of hard disk space. To install Windows 10 from a USB stick, you will need a Flash Drive with at least 8GB of storage space. Be sure to copy any other important files on it anywhere else, and the content will be automatically deleted to allow Windows 10 to be installed on the stick.

If you choose the Windows 10 ISO download option , you will need to load the file into a CD / DVD burner program and have a blank DVD available. Important: Do not copy the .ISO file to the DVD support using copy / paste.

Once you’ve got a Windows 10 boot functionality, whether you’ve opted to install Windows from the stick or DVD, you’ll need to enable the boot menu of your PC by using F10 or F12 shortcuts as soon as it’s started , or BIOS. Important: Carefully choose the installation location for Windows 10, avoiding the partitions on which files you want to keep.

Free to download, Windows 10 offers the option of skipping the so-called product key when installing from a USB boot or DVD stick, so users can later purchase an original Windows 10 serial to complete the activation process from the Windows 10 menu activation.

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