Dozens of technology companies – including Microsoft, Cisco, Bitdefender and HP


Dozens of global technology and security companies signed on Tuesday Cybersecurity Tech Accord, an agreement aimed at protecting customers everywhere from cyber attacks, whether it is actions of criminal groups or sovereign states, Mediafax reports.

Among the 34 companies are ABB, Arm, Bitdefender, Cisco, Facebook, HP, HPE, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle and Trend Micro, technology operators that supply Internet communications and information infrastructure worldwide

"Devastating attacks last year demonstrate that cyber security is not just about what a single company can do, but what we can do together," said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

"This broad agreement of the technology industry will help us adopt a principled direction towards more effective ways to collaborate and protect customers around the world."

Companies have made commitments based on four key principles: Enhanced Defense, Crime Exclusion, Collective Action and Capacity Building

Companies will deploy enhanced defense against cyber attacks. As part of this strategy and recognizing that everyone needs protection, companies are committed to protecting all their customers across the globe, no matter the reason behind online attacks

Companies will not help governments in launching cyber-attacks and will protect against manipulation or exploitation of their products and services at every stage of technological development, design, and distribution

Companies will more support developers, users and companies using their technology, helping them to improve their ability to protect themselves. This will include collaboration on new security practices and new features that companies can implement in their individual products and services

Companies will expand existing relationships and jointly establish new formal and informal partnerships with industry, civil society and security researchers to improve technical collaboration, coordinate vulnerability disclosure, expose threats, and minimize the potential for malicious code introduction into cyberspace .

The agreement remains open for consideration by new private sector signatories, large or small, regardless of domains, credible and with high cyber security standards, who can adhere to its principles without reservation

"The real consequences of cyber threats at global level have been proven repeatedly. As an industry, we must work together to fight against cybercriminals and prevent future attacks from causing more damage, "said Kevin Simzer, general manager, Trend Micro.

Victims of cyber attacks are businesses and organizations of all sizes, with economic losses estimated to total $ 8,000 billion by 2022. Among other disruptions and security risks, recent cyber attacks have caused the closure of small companies , postponement of surgical interventions in hospitals and hindering the provision of certain services by state institutions

"Tech Accord will help protect the integrity of the 1 trillion of connected devices estimated for the next 20 years," said Carolyn Herzog, general consultant, Arm. "It aligns the resources, expertise and thinking of some of the world's leading technology companies , to help build a trust base for users who will greatly benefit from a more secure world. "

Companies that have signed the agreement intend to hold their first meeting at the RSA conference, a cyber security event taking place in San Francisco, focusing on capacity building and joint action. Future actions can include commonly developed guiding principles or broad deployment of security features, as well as information exchanges and partnerships to tackle specific threats to make the online environment a safer place for people and companies everywhere and for to support the promise and benefits of technology to society.

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