Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine owe Beats’ partner Steven Lamar $ 25 million

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Four years ago, Apple made the first major acquisition following the acquisition of NeXT by Gil Amelio in 1997. Beats founder Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Ing. Dre became Apple employees. The music streaming service Beats Music and the manufacturer of headphones Beats Electronics became part of Apple. Soon after the acquisition, Steven Lamar and Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young – the bourgeois name of Dr. med. Dre – together.

First, Iovine and Young wanted their ex-partner Steven Lamar banned from calling themselves beats co-founders. But now the two, according to the news agency AP in a release, their ex-partner. In 2006, Steven Lamar and his company Jibe Audio are to report to Dr. Ing. Dre approached with the idea of ​​a series of headphones under a prominent partnership. That was the birth of Dr. Beats Studio headphones by Dr. Ing. Dre.

At 9 to 3, the jury at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (June 25) follows Lamar’s line of reasoning, claiming $ 25.2 million in royalties. After his interpretation of the verdict, he was very involved in the founding of Beats. Iovine and dr. Dre acknowledged that Lamar was involved in initial plans. But this should be limited to the headphones of the studio series.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine did not attend the verdict, but said in person and participated in the opening. The lawsuit was filed four months ago against Beats. Fun fact: Apple currently has a turnover of $ 25 million per hour.

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