Apple's mobile operating system has been hiding an interesting feature since iOS 10 for anyone who does not have the standard display brightness settings "Feel. However, there is a feature in the accessibility features that can be extremely useful to iPhone X users to save energy. There you can reduce the display brightness even more.To protect the eyes, Apple introduced This will reduce the brightness of the display even far below the normal levels, however, like all other aids, it will need to be activated first.

How to dramatically reduce display brightness

First, pick up your iPhone X (or other model) and then open the Settings app. Then tap on the menu item "General". Now select the entry "Accessibility". Now tap on the option "Display adjustments". Then drag the slider to the right behind the "reduce white point" setting. Underneath, another slider appears, where you can adjust the intensity with your finger wisks. As soon as you have adjusted the display brightness or white points to your wishes, you can leave the settings app by pressing the Home button. In order to reduce the brightness to a minimum, you can use the control center to adjust the brightness further down.

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