Dropbox with IPO: Cloud Storage Provider Goes Public

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Dropbox goes public, but the company itself only has about three-quarters of the 36 million shares outstanding on the day of issue n (26.822.409). The remaining 9,177,591 shares are from shareholders in the company who silver their original investment

Dropbox traded on the Nasdaq

The shares are traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market Character “DBX”. This emerges from the documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC.

With the IPO, the value of the company is then set at around 7.1 to 7.6 billion US dollars. When Dropbox collected money from investors four years ago, the company’s value was set at $ 10 billion.

Salesforce does business

Just last week Dropbox and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership , In addition to product integration, Salesforce Ventures also agrees to buy $ 100 million worth of shares in the initial public offering. There are a further 5.4 million shares, but they change hands in a privately operated deal, at a price that is “comparable” to the issue price.

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