EA Announces Command & Conquer Rivals for iOS


With Command & Conquer Rivals will be available soon Multiplayer battles will be played on the iPhone and iPad. For this purpose, the known elements of the real-time strategy game for the mobile platforms are optimized and the controller receives a corresponding adjustment, so you can compete quickly and easily against other players in one-on-one combat. As with the PC offshoot, you assume the role of the commander and not only command your troops, but build up a base and army to bring your opponent to his knees.

Currently only a small amount of information about the RTS title is known. Also a publication period has not been mentioned yet. However, Android users already have the opportunity to participate in a pre-alpha phase. All other players will probably have to wait longer before they can plunge into combat. To not miss any new information, EA offers a newsletter for Command & Conquer Rivals. For this you can register quickly and easily on the official website. As a bonus, you will receive a special Early Bird Bundle for your publications. The content is not yet known.

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