eBlocker Reader Test: These are the Results

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Facebook scandal, basic data protection regulation, espionage attacks: Since our call for the reader test of the eBlocker Base in the March issue, the Them privacy in the network continues to get into the discussion – and sensitized the public for its importance. In fact, more and more Internet users are concerned about the use of their data, whether by the providers themselves or, as in the case of Cambridge Analytica’s analysis, by third parties for promotional or even political purposes. Because it is now clear: Who uses the Internet, leaves a trail of interpretable data, which can be assembled into an increasingly complete personality profile.

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Tracker adé?

The data gathering anger of Internet giants such as Facebook and Google could soon be put a stop. As early as May, a law should come into force, according to which users must explicitly agree to the overarching recording of their data when they visit a website. “What’s being discussed here is really exciting,” says eBlocker CEO Christian Bennefeld, “the clear winner is user privacy.”

However, questions remain unanswered. How do foreign website providers react to the new legislation – and is the threatened punishment of up to 20 million euros or 4 percent of a company’s annual turnover internationally enforceable? How should the planned regulation apply to smart TVs and smart speakers, for example? And is the web complicated by the constant request for data protection agreements?

It seems that an all-round solution like the eBlocker will retain its relevance for a long time.

A particularly easy-to-install and secure protection is the eBlocker of the homonymous Hamburg start-up. The hardware solution connects to every router with a standard Ethernet cable. Once connected to the power grid, the smart cube configures itself to be available to all devices within a network – whether it’s Mac, iPhone, iPad or Windows PCs, Android smartphones or digital voice assistants, and Smart TV sets act.

eBlocker: Easy Installation

It is precisely this fast commissioning that particularly appeals to the participants of our reader test. The installation describes the “eBlocker novices” as consistently “easy” to “very light”. For example, the clear connection paths of the consciously simple designed hardware are praised – no wonder that the attached quick start guide in almost all cases provided comprehensive all-round protection for all network users. If somebody wanted to personalize his eBlocker configuration, he usually got along very well with the control bar provided in the web browser – for questions eBlocker users usually found the online manual in less than a minute.

The topic of data protection is very important to the readers of our readers’ test: Everyone indicates, for example, that they have used the private mode of their respective web browser before using the provided eBlocker Base. However, this is generally overestimated in its effect. Because the private tab protects the user only locally: For example, he hides pages visited and also forgets passwords used, but in no way disguises user behavior. The eBlocker Base completely blurs the digital fingerprint with its IP anonymization.

And without any additional driver installation or additional software on all devices connected to the network via WLAN or cable. In addition to the Mac, our subscribers also use at least one smartphone and one tablet as a matter of course. Even a smart TV device can be found in two-thirds of households. Anyway, the topic of the “Internet of Things” is increasingly important – again, two-thirds state that they are worried that smart coffee and washing machines, for example, are passing on their data to device manufacturers and third parties online.

Problems with the operation of the eBlocker report here and there users of some older Fritzbox models. Often an Internet access provider delivers the router to the contract; few owners replace their devices with newer ones. Compatibility problems with the Fritzbox 7490, for example, can be solved by four simple steps, which are explained in the help section of the eBlocker website.

The high level of competence of the participants indicates that many would like to choose their own VPN provider to anonymise their Internet usage behavior in order to integrate it into the eBlocker. By default, the eBlocker uses the proven Tor anonymization network to conceal the IP address. Instead, the device works with virtually every VPN provider offering the OpenVPN protocol.

Price discrimination of Apple users? eBLOCKER helps.

All participants agree: Protection against trackers and data-collecting advertising is the most important field of application for the eBlocker. But the protection against malware and phishing and the possibility of device camouflage is important to many – especially for users of Apple devices. Because their preference often leads to discrimination in offers on visited websites: read about an online store, which hardware the visitor uses, he can draw conclusions on its estimated purchasing power – and is in the case of the Mac, iPhone and iPad automatically estimated higher than an outdated Windows machine. As a result, sellers may offer their goods more expensive. This so-called credit scoring is an important part in the formation of the digital personality profile and – depending on the conscious or unconscious transfer of the data – adds components such as the assessment of health awareness. The eBlocker makes all devices used in the protected network unrecognizable – and thus ensures more fairness in the network. That pleases.

As a further potential reason to buy many participants call the modular concept of eBlocker. If you decide to start with the eBlocker Base first to camouflage your own IP address in the network, you can always upgrade to the “Pro” or even “Family” version including the parental control function – simply unlock the additional functions is possible at any time with the comfortable user interface.

The price is surprisingly not even the primary decision criterion for the performance offered: Many users would even like to accept a higher purchase price in order to waive additional subscription fees such as for the update of the Tracker and Jugendschutz databases

The eBlocker convinces consistently. No wonder that all participants in the Mac Life Reader test claim to want to continue using the smart privacy solution after the probationary period.

* The offer is valid until 15.06.2018. The combination with other vouchers and the cash payment of the voucher countervalue is excluded.

Three variants

The eBlocker Base is the value-for-money plug-and-play privacy solution. After the simple connection by cable to the router, it allows the anonymous use of the Internet on all connected devices and browsers. The price for the smart entry into the data protection: 99 euros including all operating system updates for life. The eBlocker Base can be upgraded at any time to the “Pro” and “Family” offers.

The eBlocker Pro completes the anonymized Internet usage with an individual advertising filter, tricks out data-collecting trackers and protects against malware – even on the go. The price for the smart privacy cube is 199 euros.

The eBlocker Family adds eBlocker Pro features to multi-user support with parental controls. The youngest are thus safe from hazardous content and benefit from individual, age-dependent surfing times. A license for one year and for an unlimited number of participants costs 249 euros, the complete package with lifelong updates of all youth protection databases comes to 349 euros.

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