Edge Browser for Android comes with Adblock Plus extension already installed, automatically blocking unwanted ads


Microsoft Edge could become more popular among Android users, with the latest beta getting native support for blocking unwanted ads from web pages

Available separately for other web browsers, the Adblock Plus extension has been integrated with the Microsoft Edge Android version, appearing as a new "Block Content" option in the Settings menu. From here, users can adjust or disable Adblock Plus filters

Once checked, the Adblock Plus extension automatically stops banner ads, pop-ups, tracking systems used to observe browsing habits, and other types of advertisements.

It is unclear under what conditions Microsoft has accepted the integration of Adblock Plus with the Edge browser, given the controversy surrounding the least controversial practices, to give advertisers the opportunity to pay for the inclusion of certain advertisements in a separate category of "Acceptable Ads "Excluded by Adblock Filters

It is certain that the popularity enjoyed by the Adblock Plus extension can make Microsoft Edge a more interesting choice for Android users

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