Edge Browser Still on Top Regarding Autonomy, According to Microsoft



                                                     Edge browser still on the top regarding autonomy, according to Microsoft


Microsoft hopes that the year 2018 will be the year that will see the use of its new Edge browser finally take off. To give it a little help the publisher unveils a comparative video that highlights its performance in terms of optimizing the use of the battery.

In this one we see three computers side next to Surface Book laptops, which play a looping HD video. One uses the home browser introduced with Windows 10 Microsoft Edge. The other two use competing browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The latter is the first to go out after almost 10 hours of reading. Google Chrome is a little better taking 13:30.

Obviously Edge is the winner of this test with 16 hours of reading, 63% longer than when using Firefox and 19% compared to Chrome. Of course you have to take into account the parameters and configuration of the device says Microsoft who recalls that these results may vary depending on the machine.

This comparative video is not really a first attempt because two other versions had already been published previously in June 2016 then in September 2016. We note this time that Opera browser is missing from the comparison. Not sure that this is enough, however, to convince users to set their sights on the Edge whose rate of use is still anecdotal compared to the leader Chrome.

Microsoft will probably have other arguments to propose in the future. Improvements are already in the program for the next version of Windows 10 in which Edge will include the ability to cut the sound of a tab, improve the input of forms and propose an improved dark theme.



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