Edit PDF: How to edit your PDFs for free

Editing a PDF is easy: the only thing you need is the right tool. The trick: Numerous freeware tools are in our download area - so you can confidently do without Adobe's nearly 300-euro expensive PDF-Pro Acrobat. We show you how to edit your PDFs for free.

Edit PDF made easy

Adobe has developed the PDF format with the goal of being able to distribute documents detached from an application. No matter on which device you are viewing a PDF file - the document remains as the author has created it. These advantages helped the format, especially on the Internet and on mobile devices, to make a breakthrough.

PDF-Editor: PDF24 Creator

Sometimes it is still necessary to edit a PDF later. That's no problem with the right free PDF tools. There are now many free alternatives to the expensive Adobe Acrobat. For PDF editing we recommend the PDF24 Creator. It lets you create and edit PDFs, such as adding text and notes. In addition, you can extract all images or the complete text from a PDF with a mouse click and even merge several documents, images and PDFs into a single PDF. How it works is shown in our photo gallery.













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