Education Keynote: Apple Store Already Offline

The first keynote of the year is slightly smaller this year and seems to be confined to educational products, not only underlined by the venue, a tech high school but also due to the missing live stream. Nevertheless, many are probably looking forward to new hardware and at least some products should actually be presented today.

What awaits us?

Still, there is no certainty about which new hardware Apple will actually present today. Most likely, however, is a new and even cheaper entry-level iPad, possibly even with Apple Pencil support. This tablet is particularly suitable for schools and other educational institutions, here the purchase price is often an important criterion. Rather unlikely is the presentation of a new MacBook, which Apple is rumored to be planning for this year. This will probably be presented at the earliest at the developer conference WWDC on June 4th.

As already described, Apple will unfortunately not broadcast the keynote live, as is usual with other presentations. However, there will be a record of the event in the Apple Event App for the Apple TV, for example. If you still want to stay up to date, of course, all new features with us as soon as possible on

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