Elgato announces sales launch for Eve Flare and Eve Aqua

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For the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom there are already a variety of smart devices that simplify the use or existing devices with new features and Expand automations. This makes it easy to turn on the lights or turn up the heating via app or voice control. But even owners of gardens and balconies can increasingly turn to smart helpers.

           Product Note

Elgato Eve Energy -Smart Power Socket with Metering, Apple HomeKit Support, Bluetooth Low Energy

The American company Elgato now also offers such devices and announces the sales launch for Eve Flare and Eve Aqua. Both devices will be available from June 25th for 99.95 Euro on Amazon and in specialized shops.

Eve Flare

Eve Flare is a portable and waterproof outdoor lamp. The integrated battery provides power for up to six hours and can be recharged wirelessly. With the Eve app, the lamp can be controlled via Bluetooth and adjust the light color. Alternatively, it also has buttons for manual control.

Eve Aqua

For Eve Aqua will be providing automated garden irrigation at the end of June. The device is simply connected to the outdoor tap and connected to the garden hose. From then on, the water supply can be controlled via the app, a keystroke or a pre-set schedule. These schedules are stored on the Eve Aqua and thus work without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. And even the water consumption can be calculated with the smart helper.

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