Elgato Eve thermostats greatly reduced in two-pack

Dealer: Elgato Eve Thermo priced at two packs

You simply screw Eve Thermo from Elgato on a radiator. Then you can start with the set up and then later by Siri the temperature in the room. It is interesting to be able to establish a direct connection to Eve Thermo, without any "bridge" or "hub", as is sometimes necessary for other manufacturers' products.

At the same time, the thermostats from Elgato also offer various sensors. Not only can you query the room temperature, but you can also measure humidity, air pressure and energy consumption.

Eve Door and Window included

You will receive the door or window sensor Eve at the moment Door and Window. You attach this two-part set to the frame and the window, or the door frame and the door leaf. At any time, you will receive an indication as to whether someone has opened windows or doors in your home without permission.

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