Eminem's irony in the song "Without me" claims he helped to invent iPhone


People are influenced by certain experiences or objects when they discover or invent things. For example, Newton would have seen an apple falling from the tree before developing the basic principles of mechanics, and Archimedes would have had a revelation while in the bathroom. Moby's musician, rapper Eminem's irony in "Without me," says he helped make iPhone smartphones appear

It seems that everything started when iTunes was launched. Moby then says he told an Apple executive that they needed a proprietary MP3 player for the service to be successful. Apple later released iPod, and Moby received such a device from Steve Jobs's wish, according to a music interview by The Guardian.

Moby added that she told Apple that at some point they would have to attach a camera and phone features to her device

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They would have said this would not happen, but in 2007 Apple released the first iPhone. That's why Moby thinks he gave a helping hand to the smartphone that revolutionized the market. However, the musician admits that what he says may seem to many meaningless, which made him not talk too much about it.

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