A young woman in the UK said employees at the Samsung official center where they took their smartphone to change their screen have accessed images and private messages on their device

Jo Tiffin-Lavers, in 28 years old, paid £ 260 for repair at the Samsung Support Center in Croydon. When the phone was taken, the micro-SD card and SIM card were handed over, but images remained on the phone, some of them sensitive. The young woman says she was asked to disable the pattern used as a security method, so that employees can test the phone after changing the screen. The repair took just over two hours.

After the terminal was repaired, the young man found evidence that the staff at the service center had accessed their private conversations, the Instagram account, and they looked at the pictures. More messages received on her WhatsApp from her fiancé and unread were open after repair, and some private images were uploaded to the cloud, although Jo did not have this feature enabled. The young woman said she had a lot of pictures on the phone, but only the "very private" ones were accessed. "I cried all night and could not sleep," she said.

After the incident about the incident was viralized on social networks, the service center offered to return the money to the customer, but no one had apologized for the incident. Samsung has announced that it is investigating this case and will keep in touch with Tiffin-Lavers during the investigation.

A similar incident occurred in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia when employees of an Apple service center stole images " indecency "from many smartphone customers. The culprits were then fired.

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