Empty Safari History: You Should Note

If you are surfing the Internet on Safari with a Mac, there are two ways to leave no traces on your device. Either one uses a private window to leave no record or one surfs normally and deletes in the end always the course. The latter is associated with a high data loss and thus a certain loss of surfing comfort. We will show you how to delete the safari history and what data is affected.

This is how quickly you delete the safari

If you would like to order a surprise for your or your loved one's or search for more information, then it may make sense to delete the safari history, but we recommend the private surfing mode, which we have already recommended If you've been embarrassed and have used a normal window, then this is no problem - click on "History" in the menu bar at the top of the screen, then click on "Delete history" from the drop-down menu, for example the Ve run "of the last hour".

This data is taken with the safari -Verlauf entfernt

If you delete the entire history, the following data will be removed:

  • History of the visited websites
  • List of frequently visited websites and thus not secured top sites
  • Search
  • Website Icons
  • All Entries Behind "Before" and "Back"
  • Approvals for Websites (Location, WebGL, Plug-in content)
  • Websites that sent messages
  • List of downloaded files
  • Websites for quick website search

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