End of iTunes LP still 2018

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Apple has been offering iTunes LP since 2009. This is a special format of music albums where buyers can buy and sell their own music music and multimedia content. The content was processed with the web technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript in such a way that users got access to the songs via a booklet view as well as lyrics, videos or photos.

No interest in iTunes LP?

There are probably buyers of iTunes LP. But the format, which should upgrade the purchase of digital music, has apparently not prevailed. Over the years, only “hundreds” of such extended albums have ever been released on iTunes. Acceptance among the masses, both customers and representatives of the music industry, has not materialized.

Apple, however, has held its breath in the format. For half a year after the launch of iTunes LP hinted that the format would not prevail.

Apple informed partners in February

Apple in February, the partners in the music industry have informed about the off. The Apple Music Team also sent out a newsletter titled “The End of iTunes LP.”

While no more submissions will be received from the end of March, the iTunes LPs are also due to be released from iTunes later this year Store disappear. Users who have purchased an iTunes LP album should be able to download the content apparently only via iTunes Match. There may be a problem here as soon as the iPhone maker actually removes the downloads.

Speculation about iTunes Store Out

The British music magazine Metro, which informed about the newsletter , revives old speculations in this context. The source, from which the magazine received a copy of the newsletter, emphasized that music streaming is the future.

But it is daring to deduce from this statement that Apple is abolishing the iTunes Store altogether and only relying on music streaming. Rumors of the iTunes Store are out there for almost two years. In 2016 they first came up. Last year, speculation became more concrete. Apple denied the rumors so far.

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