Essential Phone received security update the day after Pixel 2


Essential, like HMD Global, came out last year with a very simple promise: it will offer Android functionality without any changes or quick updates. While HMD has moved very fast with updates, Essential has been a bit slower, despite the fact that it currently offers a single device. However, lately, Andy Rubin's company has gained ground by launching the security update for February just one day after it reached Pixel devices

Essential PH-1 did not enjoy the success Essential expected. It debuted with modest sales, requiring a considerable price cut to encourage users to give a chance to this new brand. What many do not know is that Andy Rubin, who founded Essential, is also one of Android's "parents", which suggests that his phones should rise, at least at software level, at Nexus devices or Pixel.

Unfortunately, hardware was the biggest issue of Essential Phone. The cameras are not at the level of other top models on the market, especially not in the "premium" category, while the edge-to-edge display is impossible to replace in the event of an accident. At the same time, the back is made of ceramic material, which can break in case of a ground impact, and accessories for the protection of the phone are hard to find because it is not a very popular model

The fact that Essential captures users with quick updates could ensure loyalty to existing customers who might recommend their products in the future. An eventual Essential Phone 2 with better fit hardware and up-to-date software would be a very attractive proposal for those who want the "clean" Android experience without paying the "super premium" charge for a Pixel.

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