Essential Phone Receives a New Modular Adapter: An Audio Jack

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Smartphone makers decided two years ago to follow Apple's example and remove the audio jack on their top models. However, it seems that some manufacturers are beginning to have remorse, one of them being even Essential, who has announced a new Essential Phone magnetic adapter called Audio Adapter HD that adds this component. It seems, however, that those who choose to buy the new modular audio jack also get some extra things that many smartphones do not offer on the market

Essential Phone has been on the market for nearly a year, and all the time, the only modular accessory compatible with it was the 360 ​​camcorder that launched simulatan with the phone. The new audio jack that can be connected to the same magnetic port at the top of the phone also offers the ability to charge the phone and headphones at the same time, something that was not possible in the past with a splitter

The HD Audio Adapter is not just a standard plug. It also incorporates a digital ESS Saber amplifier that promises good sound quality that will also satisfy audiophiles. It is compatible with Hi-Res Audio standard music. At the same time, Essential has announced that Essential Phone has been awarded the Master Quality Authenticated certification, a standard that allows high-quality songs to be transmitted without high-performance Internet connections

The Tidal service is a high quality music source and is the Essential recommendation for music at the MQA standard. In fact, the partnership with Tidal goes a long way, as the adapter comes packed with three months of Tidal HiFi subscription, which normally costs 40 lei a month (in Romania).

This accessory, along with the phone and an Essential HD headset (which was already available for $ 100 on the Essential website) will be available in a $ 500 US dollar package. There is currently no price for a separate HD Audio Adapter

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