Essential Phone sold below 90,000 units in 2017


Essential Phone has received quite a lot of attention around the launch and even afterwards, being the first product of the new company headed by Andy Rubin, the "father" of the Android operating system. In spite of the heavyweight name in the industry, an attractive price and a very interesting design, the phone has failed to sell many units. Fortunately, this does not stop the company from delivering fast software updates and improving the experience of those who have already bought it

According to IDC, Essential PH-1 (or Essential Phone) managed to deliver just 88,000 units in the first few months of launch, before the end of 2017. This figure is very small considering that giants such as Apple and Samsung can sell one million units per day from each top-of-the-range model, but no one expected a start up to deliver such a large volume . Even so, it is quite clear that this first product is not the hit we would have expected.

Among the reasons why Essential Phone was not sold too well we can list the very high launch price, which has been adjusted in the meantime, the mediocre performance of the camera and the impossibility of repair. Essential Phone is assembled using very strong adhesive that prevents disassembly without damage to the screen. Also, the lack of spare parts and accessories such as covers and protective covers can keep users away who do not want to choose a broken screen shortly after purchase

At the moment Essential does not talk about new products that they might launch in the future, but continues to develop software for the current model. Since Essential Phone was launched in the summer of last year, we will probably start to hear information about a possible second generation in the near future if there is an Essential PH-2

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